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Shawna Patterson · (405)574-0593 · Nebraska Escort

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Please text me if you are a member before messaging me here if the appointment is of a time sensitive nature - I find there is a few hour delay on messages sent and received often times on this site.

I do this because....

Im a woman, and like us all I have needs. Those needs use to be love, commitment, promises of future.
Now... needs are more as follows:

A memorable introduction
Conversation that is deeper than "got pic?"
A gentle, intense, and sincere exchange between a man and a woman.
The beginning of a wonderful yet limited relationship
Or a one time act that we will not soon forget.

I am serious about a lot, fun and sarcastic about a lot, different from the rest. Those are kind comments that make me smile
Men, real men ... kind, sincere, and real make me feel truly understood.

This is the beginning of me....
Very different men will view and approach this in different ways.
Please check my reviews on eccie
With love

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